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Zen and the Art of Playing Tennis

Zen and the Art of Playing Tennis

di Agam Bernardini

Collana: Saggistica
Genere: Tennis
Lingua: English
Pubblicato: 31/03/2015


Libro: € 11,00

Formato: 14x21
Pagine: 128
ISBN: 9788869341922
eBook: € 4,99

Formato: ePub
Dimensioni: 0,7 Mb
ISBN: 9788869340512

Zen and the Art of Playing tennis is one of the first book that have analyzed the mental and psychological aspect of the game of tennis.

The purpose of the book is to fill the great vacuum still existing about the mental and psychological side of the game of tennis; even today, when almost everybody is recognizing it’s importance, very few people know what to do to solve the problem.

This book it’s of great help, for the tennis players of all levels, to understand why the mind and the emotions are interfering so much with our natural capacities to play tennis and explain how to neutralize these negative influences and how to play our best tennis, even under pressure and in the most difficult situations.

It proposes also all the techniques and exercises to help to improve the mental and psychological side of the game of tennis, that until now has so negatively influenced our performances and prevented us from expressing totally and freely our thecnical and physical abilities.

Zen and the Art of Playing Tennis was first published in Italy where has been selling over 20.000 copies and it’s still selling and it's appreciated by many tennis players and tennis teachers and coaches.


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